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You've got seven days to cover 1000 km - how you decide to break that distance us up to you. On completion, you will be rewarded a personalized award by KTM and 1000 points towards the draw to win a brand new KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S*.

Successful completion of each challenge will award you with 250 points, with added 1000 points given to all those who clock up 1,000 km. You will need a minimum of 2000 points to be eligible to win a KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S, which means you have to complete at least four of the seven daily challenge during THE WORLD ADVENTURE WEEK.



Show the world your adventure by sharing your ride using the tag #THEWORLDADVENTUREWEEK. Upon completion of your ride, use RISER's built-in share functionality to post it in any of the key social media platforms or generate a link that is shareable in any other platform. This will earn you 250 points and an entry into the daily prize draw. Remember, your social media accounts will need to be set to 'public' to allow us to spot your entry.



Head uphill or downhill, depending on where you start from, in your quest to ride through a point where elevation is 890 meters above sea level. So, find the nearest hill or deep valley, and remember to track your progress on the RISER app. Based on your elevation profile, the app will automatically assign you with an added 250 points and an entry into the daily prize draw.



Locate your nearest KTM dealership here and pay them a visit, grab a coffee or simply just browse the showroom floor. Riders who complete this challenge will be awarded 250 points and entered in to the daily prize draw.

You can locate your nearest dealer with the KTM Dealer Locator.



Go explore the closes mountains! Riders can reach the target in one go - if the landscape allows - or by going up and down a smaller hill a few times. The choice is yours. Riders who complete this challenge will be awarded 250 points as well as an entry into to the daily prize draw.



Heading to work or on a full-scale Adventure ride? Keep track of your riding time on RISER, and keep the wheels turning. Complete five rides from Monday to Friday to earn 250 points and an entry into the daily prize draw. It doesn’t matter how long these rides are - as long as you’re riding.



Plan a route that is 390 km and get out there and ride it. A small deviation of 5 km less or more will be accepted once your ride is live on RISER. This challenge is worth 250 points and an entry into the daily prize draw.



Riders are pack animals. We like to share our adventure with like-minded folks. For this challenge, find two of your riding buddies and go out and complete a PACK RIDE. This will earn you 250 points and an entry into the daily prize draw.



To check out the actual leaderboard - open the World Adventure Week challenge in the RISER app or visit theworldadventureweek.com.

How to get started...

  1. Dowload the free RISER app from your app store
  2. Register your profile
  3. Go to Challenges & open the World Adventure Week
  4. Enter your details
  5. Tap on "Participate"
  6. Now you are ready for the challenge...

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I optimize the settings of my phone to get the best results in the app?

In order to get the best results it is crucial that you have the latest version of RISER installed on your phone. You can find the latest udapte in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Also it is important that you have the right settings for locations services and battery optimization switched off. 

We have prepared an article about how you can adapt the settings to get the best results. 

Click here to see instructions

How should I share my trip for the Monday-Challenge?

In order to successfully complete the challenge, you have to share one of your trips recorded with RISER on Facebook or Instagram and tag it with the hashtag #theworldadventureweek.

Share on Facebook:
To do this, go to the detail view of your trip and scroll until you see the button for "Create a secret link". Activate it and then click on Share. In the next step you select "Facebook" and add the hashtag #theworldadventureweek to your posting.

Important: Make sure that you have set your posting to "Public" so that KTM can find out.

Share on Instagram:
Again, scroll down to "Create secret link" in the detail view of your trip and activate it. Then click on "Share" and copy the link. Open Instagram and create your post and add the link and the hashtag #theworldadventureweek to the description.

What does it mean to reach 890m of altitude?

The aim of the challenge is to record a trip with RISER where you reach a place that is 890 m above sea level. Whether you start at a higher place and then drive into the valley or from the valley into the mountains is entirely up to you - the only important thing is that you reach 890 m above sea level.

How do I check in at my KTM dealer on Wednesday?

Start the recording with the RISER app and visit a KTM dealer near you. As soon as you have finished your ride, it will automatically be checked whether you have been to a KTM dealer.

You can find out where your nearest KTM dealer is under the following link on the KTM website.

What do you mean by "Complete 1290 meters of elevation"?
By climb, we mean every meter of altitude that you cover during a tour. To successfully complete this challenge you have to reach a 1290 meter climb in one trip. Whether you drive into the mountains or just up and down a hill - it's entirely up to you. You can see your progress during the tracking in the RISER app.
5 rides in a week - do I have to ride every day until Friday?

This challenge is about recording 5 trips with RISER from Monday to Friday. When you drive this is entirely up to you - whether it's a long tour or just the way to work - the only important thing is that you record and save your journey with RISER.

Do I have to record exactly 390 kilometers on Saturday?

Yes, the demanding Saturday Challenge is about recording one single trip with RISER that is almost exactly 390 kilometers long. Why almost? Because we have built in a little bit of leeway for you here -> +/- 5 kilometers to be almost precise.

How does the PackRide function for day 7 work?

Activate the PackRide function when you want to hit the road with your friends. PackRide allows you to see where your friends are while driving and you will be notified automatically if, for example, someone falls behind.

To create a PackRide, simply start recording and then click on the menu symbol in the middle at the bottom of the screen. Then go to PackRide and click on "Create". Friends in your area can already see this PackRide and participate.

To take part in a PackRide that has already been created, simply click on the red notice at the top of the screen. Then you can choose your bike and off you go.

When and where do I see if I have completed a challenge?

The evaluation of the challenges happens after uploading your trips and is directly visible to you in the challenge. In the daily challenges you can reach 250 points each and you automatically participate in the raffle for the daily prize.

If you have successfully completed a challenge, the number of points is green and is automatically added to your total number of points.

The World Adventure Week has already started - can I still take part?

Of course - you can still register and take part until the end of the challenge on July 11th. And in each of the daily challenges you have the opportunity to win a great daily price from KTM.

How do I qualify for the raffle for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S?

To qualify for the raffle for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S, you need at least 2000 total points. So if you successfully complete 4 of 7 daily challenges and you record 1,000 kilometers by the end of the challenge, you will automatically be entered into the raffle for the bike.

How do I find out whether I have won one of the daily challenges?

The winners of the daily prize draw will be selected randomly and contacted directly by KTM. For this it is important that you have stated your email address within RISER. You can also add it afterwards in the settings on riserapp.com.

Where can I see my distance recorded during the World Adventure Week?

You can see the total distance that you record during the World Adventure Week right at the beginning in the detail view of the challenge and also in the leaderboard.

If you have recorded at least 1,000 kilometers from Monday to Sunday with RISER, you will receive 1,000 points for the raffle for the main prize - a brand new KTM 1290 Super Adventure S.

I have another question - who can I contact?

If you have a question that we have not yet answered here - just send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will do our best to answer your message as soon as possible.

When will the winner of the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S be announced?

The winner will be annoucned on the Instgram channel of KTM on Wednesday, 14th of July and directly contacted via email.

Here is the link to KTM_Official.

*All prizes are subject to availabilities in each participant's country of origin.


The World Adventure Week (WAW) is a challenge organized by KTM Sportmotorcycles GmbH (“KTM”) in further consequence called the “Organizer”.

All information and rules for the overall challenge of collection 1000 kilometers and the daily challenges can be found at theadventureweek.com. Participation in this challenge is only granted with the explicit consent of the user to these terms & conditions as well as the organizer’s terms and conditions which can be found at theadventureweek.com/terms

By accepting these terms and conditions you agree that the data entered for the registration for the WAW challenge gets shared with the organizer in order to be able to contact the winners of prizes as well as for sending a personalized award for any participant reaching 1000 kilometers.

RISER assumes no liability concerning the accuracy or completeness of the tracked data anywhere in the app. The user commits her/himself to hold RISER harmless for any damage caused by errors, delays and/or interruptions in tracking or transferring data, technical errors & incorrect and/or incomplete content.

All legal relationships and litigations underlie Austrian rights exclusively. Place of fulfilment and exclusive place of jurisdiction for any legal affair is Vienna, Austria.

The right of legal recourse is excluded.

Only the German version of these terms and conditions are binding and contractual basis.

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