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Make the most of your time and let RISER turn every motorcycle ride into an unforgettable adventure. Find the perfect route fitting your riding style. Save time in planning and spend more time on the bike!

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The adventure starts long before we get on our bikes, and ends only way after we have turned off the engine. That’s why we want to give you much more than a curvy route (of course we’ll show you that, too):

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RISER is not just a set of functionality packed into an app, but a tool to empower you and your friends to have the most unique moments.


  • Discover spectacular routes
  • Plan your Getaways with friends
  • Connect with the community


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  • Track your adventures
  • Navigate to your destination


  • Save your memories
  • Share unique moments
  • Inspire other riders

Riders about RISER


RISER is designed logically and easy to use. It offers everything i need for motorcycling. Keep up the good work!

(BMW K100 Custom)

The app is clean and super-easy to use. Trip recording works smoothly and i can easily document my rides with photos etc. Recommended the app to all of my friends.

(Harley Davidson Sportster)

This app is awesome. I recently found nice roads in my area that i didn't even know about.

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The best routes are waiting out there and RISER will find them for you.

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Discover even curvier routes with the Adventure Navigator PRO. Never lose sight of your destination with Offline Maps. Track your trips and reWind them on a 3D map. Let your loved ones know where you are with Live Tracking.


Live Tracking

Let others know where you are by sending them a secret link with your real time location.


Extended Routing

Let RISER find supercurvy routes for you so you'll have even more fun on the road.



Watch your trip once again on an interactive 3D-map and share it with your friends


Offline maps

Never lose your way when there’s no connection, even in the most remote areas

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RISER ambassador adventures

Get inspired for your next trip!

The country-, blues & whiskey motorcycle tour. Girls just wanna have fun pt.2

Ambassador Gina

I don't listen to country, rarely blues - and whiskey is not necessarily the drink of my choice. But how could I have said no to a route that has the same title and leads through the country where my Harley was born! Although I had not yet had the urge to explore America, this motorcycle route through the southern states aroused my curiosity.

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Choose new at each crossing

Ambassador Davide

It was the beginning of June 2016 when I sat on a motorcycle for the first time. Back then I didn't even know exactly how the gearshift worked. I was faced with the difficult decision of whether to start playing golf or start motorcycling. Today I am convinced that I made the right decision. It's my third season and I don't regret a single second.

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Around the 'Ortler' group - seven at a stroke

Ambassador Harald

(Stubai) - Brenner Pass - Jaufen Pass - ( Val Passiria - Vinschgau) - Stilfser Joch - Gaviapass (what a rough, beautiful pass!) - Tonale Pass - (Val du Nons) Mendel Pass - (Bolzano - Sarntal) - Penserjoch: This 'classic' round is impressive and spectacular again and again.

The weather was wonderful on this Saturday, so I spontaneously decided to go for a ride early in the morning. An "Iron Man" stage at the beginning of autumn - a demanding and strenuous one-day trip.

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Alone from Lucerne to the North Cape - 1st stage

Ambassador Florian

Since I had obtained my motorcycle driving licence four years ago, I have been on the road a lot. Mainly in the Swiss Alps and in South Tyrol. But eventually I wanted to do a bigger tour. But where should I go? I had absolutely no experience with longer self-organized tours. Over time, the idea of the North Cape as my first big destination gradually developed.

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Australia's Great Ocean Road off the beaten track

Ambassador Paul

In the past, I've had the opportunity to be part of the guide team on a trip several times. But this time it happened rather by accident: Damien, the ride host had broken his wrist the week before on the track, and asked me if I could cover for him.

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Highlights of our 8500 km summer tour: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal

Ambassador Thomas

As always in recent years, we have chosen a destination (Cabo de Sao Vicente in Portugal) and then drove in this direction without more precise planning.

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