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Live Tracking

Share your trip in real-time

Start LiveTracking and send your friends or familiy a link that shows them where you are on the road in real time. No more worries - they will even see how much battery you have left.

Offline Maps

All roads in your pocket

Choose the regions on the map that you want to be available also when there is no cellphone reception. Always good to know that we got you covered - just in case.


Unlimited PackRides

Tada - may we introduced PackRide to you? Connected riding is now available for motorcyclists everwhere. No matter what bike you ride or how old it is. See where your fellow riders are and get notified if someone falls behind, needs fuel or simply needs a break.

Supercurvy Roads

Curvy? Supercurvy!

Sometimes you might want to get the best twists out there. Maybe also those you don't by now. Find the most exciting roads with our supercurvy algorithm and let the app navigate you through them.


  Basic  PRO
Record you adventures
Record your trips using GPS and add photos to it.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation
Get turn by turn instruction to navigate through the most exciting routes.

Participate in different challenges to win awesome prices.

Create getaways and invite your friends or even the whole community for joint ride-outs.

Create your own groups for your region or even worldwide and invite others to join.

Go for a common ride and always know where your pack members are.

Offline Maps
Store maps locally on your phone to use them when there is no internet connection.

Relive you adventures on an interactive 3D map.

Live Tracking
Send you friends and loved a link so they can see where you are in real time.

Supercurvy Roads
Get the most exciting routes for your next adventure!

Export Tours
Export your recorded trips as GPX file.

And more features to come...

We are constantly adding new features and functionality to the apps and the web platform. Of course every new feature will always be included in the PRO memberships.

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