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RISER Udpate

A new big update is live!

After our biggest update, RISER NextGen, we have again shipped a major update of RISER. Beside general  improvements it includes now also the option to re-ride your own or other peoples trips. You can easily share your planned tours with other via link or simply QR code.

And a new one for our PRO community - use satellite maps to get a bird's eye view on your adventures.

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GPS Tracking

Track your adventure

Never lose track of your trips. With RISER you can record and document your rides in your personal roadbook. Adding photos, a description and more information is super easy.


Ride with your friends

Plan getaways to organize joint rides with your friends or likeminded riders on RISER. Get notified in real time if someone falls behind or simply needs a break - that and more you get with PackRide.


Unlock new 

Record your trips with RISER and unlock new achievements. You can also set yourself a season goal and track your progress in the app. 


Re-ride any trip

Get inspired by the rides that others do and make any trip your next adventure. Simply open a trip and tap on the "Open in route planner" button. Adapt it towards your needs and hi Go! As simple as that.

Join our global community of like-minded-riders. Discover new routes, plan rides with others, share and track your adventures.

Route Planning

Ride your way

Motorcycling is not about getting from A to B on the shortest or fastest way - with RISER routing and navigation we show you the curviest and most exciting routes. Because it's about what happens between A and B.

And if you just want to go for a ride - RISER can find a round trip for you. All with just a few clicks.


Become part
of the crew

Our aim is to connect the greatest community on our platform and provide the best tools out there. Become part of RISER, connect with riders around the globe and get the most of your motorcycle tours.


Relive your tours

RISER is also accessible with your tablet or your computer. Just login at and relive your adventures on even bigger screens. Commenting and editing your trips could not be easier. And psst - there is more to come exclusively on web.

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Monthly PRO

Get RISER PRO monthly and enjoy all the PRO features.

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