Max Speed
Ø Speed
1,678m / 967m
Climb / Fall
858m / 69m
Sea level (max/min)

Cold Kiwi

The trip to Waiouru was fantastic. My 'girl' performed without a hitch and ran like a dream. Unfortunately, my phone got damaged and I turned it off at the Cold Kiwi, and forgot to turn it on and tracked the return trip from Waiouru. Bummer! It would've been a good trip to record, as I led Trish back to the top of the Kaimais from Te Kuiti due to her not knowing the way, strong winds and not confident to ride by herself. Long day for me, heavy rain, strong winds, fatigue and the onset of hypothermia was taking its toll on me and barely made it home. I was shivering so bad that I could not get my close off for a hot shower.

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