Spring Oh Spring - Let the season begin!!! The first Cardo Challenge for 2024 is now here and in addition to the challenge, there are once again cool prizes to be won. What is this challenge about? For many, the season is just starting and for some it is slowly coming to an end, which is why we are starting this challenge with a few kilometers/miles. You have one month from March 10, 2024 (00:00 UTC) to April 10, 2024 (23:59 UTC) to track 555 kilometers/345 miles or more. Whether you do this in one ride or in several smaller ones is up to you. The only important thing is that you have tracked at least 555 kilometers/345 miles with the RISER app by the end of the challenge. As soon as you pass the 555-kilometer/345-miles mark, you will automatically enroll for the prize draw. Everyone who covers more than 555 kilometers/345 miles has an equal chance of winning. Prizes: Among all the riders who qualify for the raffle, the following prize packages will be drawn: 1x PACKTALK EDGE DUO + RISER PRO FREE YEARLY subscription  1x Freecom 4 DUO + RISER PRO FREE YEARLY subscription  1x Spirit DUO + RISER PRO FREE YEARLY subscription   10 times 1x RISER PRO FREE YEARLY Subscription ✌️​Go for it! Participate in the challenge and track 555 kilometers ✌️​. The winners will be notified via email. The email address used during registration in the RISER app will be used for communication. By participating in this Challenge you accept these Terms and Conditions (https://riserapp.com/en/cardo-challenge-terms). To ensure the highest level of fairness, trips are automatically checked for correctness.
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