266 km
130 km/h
Max Speed
64.4 km/h
Ø speed
1,131 m / 1,106 m
Climb / Fall
63 m / -38 m
Sea level (max/min)

Sommertour 2019 Tag 26: Kurisches Haff - Russische Exklave Kaliningrad

They said you can easily go to Kaliningrad.. no problem with Visa and so on.. that‘s true .. BUT .. custom procedures were endless.. 3.5 hours for a few cars and a few bikes.. no English papers .. just Russian in Kyrillian writing 🙈😅😥.. one needs the help of people in line. All of them are helpful to speed the line up as one said😅👍🏻. So now everything’s fine, 🏕 up... let’s go find some food.🤘🏻

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